Snapshot: Work in Progress

Over the summer, I’ve been working on restructuring much of the robot—both to reduce its physical size and to reduce its power requirements.

A short (and incomplete) list of changes:

  1. Switch from old laptop motherboard to an Artigo pico-itx computer
  2. Move the Kinect down—empirical data shows that it does not need to be placed very high to get useful readings
  3. Elevate the base (by using bigger wheels): I’ve had troubles getting over bumps due to low ground clearance
  4. Change microcontrollers from an ATMega328P to a ATMega2560
  5. Add an LCD for quick feedback on important things like battery voltage and motor speed

Source code is available for download—there’s a Git repository at

git clone git://

Alternatively, browse the repository over the internet here


Replaced the computer and moved the kinect. It's a lot smaller now!

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