Hacking SCM Creator and Redmine Git Hosting to Cooperate with one another

Edit June 6, 2012: SCM Creator has been updated to not conflict with Redmine Git Hosting.


Oftentimes it’s beneficial to use more than one type of version control system within a given organization—SVN and Git being the two most popular. For the purposes of Redmine, the Redmine Git Hosting plugin is significantly more useful for handling git repositories, as it can manage public keys and is able to serve git files via the Smart HTTP Protocol. However, for the other repository types, it is generally easier to use the SCM Creator plugin, which allows the project manager to control repository creation and deletion.

Previously, these plugins were incompatible, both overriding the same method. Moreover, SCM Creator has compatibility issues with Redmine 1.4.0+. Thanks to the work of its creator, Andriy Lesyuk, however, both of these issues have been resolved!
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SVN Repository Management with Redmine on Ubuntu 12.04


Managing repository management is always a hassle for network administrators, as it usually involves going into into the shell to create the repository itself.

Redmine solves this problem using reposman.rb, which can be run regularly by a cronjob and thus automate repository creation. But this is still inconvenient—you still need to wait for the repository to be created, and you can only manage one type of SCM at once. Thus, we are going to install and configure the Redmine SCM Creator plugin to manage repository creation for us.

This tutorial is oriented primarily towards setting up SVN repository creation, as git repository management is better done by the Redmine Git Hosting plugin (Setup Guide). For instructions on how to set up Redmine, visit this tutorial before continuing on.
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Redmine Git Hosting Setup on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS


Redmine Git Hosting is a plugin for Redmine authored by Eric Bishop, further extended by John Kubiatowicz, which integrates the Git SCM system into Redmine’s project management system. At the end of this guide, you will have a server which can, from the Redmine GUI,

  • Create git repositories for projects
  • Serve git repositories via SSH, GIT, and HTTP(S)
  • Add users to git repositories

This guide is a continuation of the one here, which shows how to install and configure Redmine in Ubuntu with Virtualmin.
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