On hackathons

Y-Hack, Credit: @brucesebi

My first hackathon was Mozilla’s World Series of Hack, held in the Computer History Museum. Sponsored by many of the big Silicon Valley technology firms, it was a sleepness night of hacking away at what would become the internet as we know it now. Real-time websockets, ubiquitous in 2013, were just another experimental piece of cool technology in 2011. It’s amazing how far we (and the internet) have come in the past couple years, and this rapid development shows no sign of slowing down.

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Alcohol Stoves

For the past couple days, in conjunction with homework, I’ve been playing around with these small alcohol based stoves. Colloquially known as “pepsi-can” stoves, they utilize a simple design and cheap materials to produce an ultralight burner.

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Homemade Pepsi Can Stoves

Pepsi can stoves are an excellent way to cook while hiking – weighing less than one ounce apiece, they barely add any weight to your pack while providing a steady and reliably way to cook.

While it is possible to buy equally small alcohol burning commercial stoves, it is much more economical to build them yourself.

Instructions can be found here
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