A2PI, rebuilt

After the previous iteration of A2PI, I realized that the locomotion system and its chassis were rather badly suited for actual operation on carpet, which floors much of my house. I completely reconstructed the system, replacing many of its parts with new ones.

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Alcohol Stoves

For the past couple days, in conjunction with homework, I’ve been playing around with these small alcohol based stoves. Colloquially known as “pepsi-can” stoves, they utilize a simple design and cheap materials to produce an ultralight burner.

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A2PI 0.5b

I’ve been spending the past few days working on a new project of mine, A2PI ( Aeturnal Autonomous Physical Interface). A2PI is an autonomous (obviously) robot that tries to avoid obstacles and navigate the big, scary world.
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PartsBot 1.1

Patrick Lin and I found out something very interesting today: Partsbot 1.1 is much weaker than Partsbot 1.0.
If you look at VirtualGunExperiment’s results below, you will notice that the percentage of hits for 1.1 are much higher than those for 1.0.

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VirtualGunExperiment v1.1

VirtualGunExperiment has been updated to version 1.1


BUG: SGFT does not create waves [Fixed]

BUG: SPMT array overflows after 2-3 hundred rounds [Fixed]

Download VGE 1.1 here

Homemade Pepsi Can Stoves

Pepsi can stoves are an excellent way to cook while hiking – weighing less than one ounce apiece, they barely add any weight to your pack while providing a steady and reliably way to cook.

While it is possible to buy equally small alcohol burning commercial stoves, it is much more economical to build them yourself.

Instructions can be found here
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