Inktober 2016: 1. Fast: Trains passing under a bridge

A long while ago, I developed something of an interest in writing with fountain pens. While this is mostly a matter of personal preference — I don’t like ballpoints — I’ve found that learning to write and ink is in and of itself a rather fun pastime. Especially in our modern age of the Internet, blogs, posts on social media, and the like, there’s something intangibly more personal about putting pen to paper.

So, when Abra found the InkTober challenge and suggested we participate, I thought it was a wonderful idea. Even though I never figured out how to draw a straight line… or to get proportions right… or any number of these techniques which seem somewhat important in the process of creating a good ink drawing.

1. Fast: Trains passing under a bridge

Anyhow, here is my first #inktober submission, with the prompt “fast”. Originally, I was thinking of doing a bit of a play on words, treating “fast” more in the sense of “hold fast” than in the sense of “going fast”. I’d planned on drawing a bridge and a wave crashing against it (technical drawing ability notwithstanding). When I was drawing the bridge, though, I somehow got my mind stuck on the CalTrain back up to San Francisco. The result? A pair of trains passing one another under a bridge.

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