Inktober 2016: 2. Noisy: The 1812 Overture

The theme for the second day of #inktober2016 is “noisy”, which for me immediately brings thoughts of cities and sirens and the myriad sounds of urban life to the forefront of my mind. But there’s a certain pattern to those sounds, and we humans (being pattern-matching creatures of habit) quickly acclimatize ourselves to our auditory environment.

And yet, we have this conception of “music”, which is distinct from “noise”. Not all music is pleasing to the ear, not all music is created with premeditated intent, not all music is created by people who identify themselves as musicians. So what is music, except that which the listener (or the composer, or the performer) considers to be an auditory work of art?

The 1812 Overture

Beyond even the question of what music may or may not be, there is also the consideration of the point at which “noise” becomes “music”. What makes the cannon part of the Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture a piece of “music”, and not just the “noise” of the battlefield?

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