Installing Redmine in Ubuntu 12.04 with Virtualmin


Installing Redmine is relatively simple on Ubuntu / Debian servers as compared to any other operating system, due to its inclusion into the APT repositories. As before, all terminal commands below are assumed to be executed from the root user via SSH.

Step One: Creating a Virtualmin Subserver

This part is pretty much self-explanatory: create a new subserver named “” under the server “” from the Virtualmin dashboard.

Step Two: Installing the packages

Through the wonder of apt-get, just follow the prompts given after the command below:

$ apt-get install redmine redmine-mysql libapache2-mod-passenger

Then, activate mod_passenger and mod_rewrite:

$ a2enmod passenger rewrite

Step Three: Configuring Apache

Virtualmin should have created a new virtualhost for you in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ named Edit it, and replace its contents with something like the following:

<VirtualHost your-ip-here:80>
  SuexecUserGroup "#1010" "#1010"
  DocumentRoot "/usr/share/redmine/public"
  PassengerResolveSymlinksInDocumentRoot on
  Options Indexes ExecCGI FollowSymlinks
  ErrorLog /var/log/virtualmin/redmine.example.com_error_log
  CustomLog /var/log/virtualmin/redmine.example.com_access_log combined

Step Four: Configure Redmine

edit /etc/redmine/default/configuration.yml and add:

  delivery_method: :sendmail

note the : in front of sendmail.

Step Five: Reload Apache

$ service apache2 reload

Step Six: Configure Redmine

Navigate to and log in with the default admin / admin credentials. Change these via the “My Account” link, and then go to Administration→Settings and change the hostname from “localhost:3000” to “”

Further Configuration

At this point, you have a working Redmine install, which you can associate with repositories and begin work on. However, for a more complete system, visit the following tutorials:

Git: (better)


Both of these methods can be configured in the same Redmine install, but you will have to resolve conflicts between them as per

13 Responses to “Installing Redmine in Ubuntu 12.04 with Virtualmin”

  1. Elwood


    I can’t find /etc/redmine/default/configuration.yml ! In /etc/redmine/default, I have only database.yml and session.yml.

    • Robert Ying

      You may need to create the file, if it does not exist already.

    • Hi Elwood, i found an example file here “/usr/share/redmine/config/configuration.yml.example”.
      so I just did, “cp /usr/share/redmine/config/configuration.yml.example /etc/redmine/default/configuration.yml”
      and added my maill config to the “production:” section near the bottom.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Elwood

    If I create the file, I have to add just these lines ?

    • Robert Ying

      Yes, just create a file named configuration.yml with those contents. You can test if it works by going to the Redmine Adminstration→Settings→Email Notifications. If you have set the email address in your Redmine account, you can also have it send a test email to your account.

      Make sure that you check your spam box for any account emails after sending the test, they should be pretty obvious.

  3. I was following the inntructioss on this tutorial and all was going well till the last step. When I try to run the command from the directory E:Ruby187appsRedmine>mongrel_rails service::install –N Redmine –p 8181 –e productionI get the following errorERROR RUNNING service::install’: Plugin /service::install does not exist in category /commandsUse help command to get helpI have searched online and could not find an answer please let me know if you know what the issue is so we can test this SW out.ThanksBuzz

  4. There’s no file in /etc/redmine/default,, so i created one and edited accordingly…but i get apache default page only !! please help.


    • Robert Ying

      If there are no files in /etc/redmine/default, you may not have Redmine installed—that would explain why you aren’t seeing anything.

      Also, check to make sure that you have set your Apache configurations correctly, as per the example. The DocumentRoot, in particular, should be set to the Redmine directory, otherwise Passenger won’t run the app.

  5. Hi!
    I followed these instructions with ubutu 12.04 but apache is getting internal error. There is only one short line in error log:
    ‘Premature end of script headers: dispatch.cgi’ I don’t have any experience in ror but these instructions looks so simple and idiot proof.. So please help me 😉


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