The game robo.hack is the result of the last month’s worth of coding by myself, Karthik Viswanthan, and Virup Gubba. It is based on nethack, and should be relatively easy to learn.

System Requirements

The following are required for installation:

  • Java Runtime Environment Version 1.60+
  • Minimum of 2 MB space for game itself and about 100 MB including JDK
  • Preferred 200 MB

Installation Instructions

Robo.hack can be run by clicking on the executable jar file with the aforementioned system requirements.

How to Play

Robo.hack’s controls are completely outlined on the title screen. Use the arrow keys to move and the q, w, e, a, s, d, z, and c to attack (eight different directions means eight keys, centered at s). The inventory and player status can be toggled using the ‘i’ and ‘p’ keys respectively. Once toggled, the up/down arrow buttons should be pressed to target the correct item or skill. Subsequently, hit enter to either add a skill point or use an item. To untoggle, use the escape or delete key, or press the enable key again.

Following the title screen, the player will be prompted for a profession. Pick the one of your choice by hitting the respective key.

Now just explore throughout the world and try to beat all the levels. Monsters will attack you on the way. They will drop various items and weapons for you to use on your journey. As you continue to fight, you’ll gain experience and skill points, which you can use to power up your abilities. Think wisely. Play wisely. Good luck!

Hopefully you won’t see this screen on your journey.

You can download the game here:

robo.hack is released under the GPL v3, source available soon!

Leave any questions and/or comments below.

One Response to “robo.hack”

  1. CloudBOY

    pretty good game robert.
    all i’d add is a mute/ toggle music button 🙂


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