VirtualGunExperiment 1.2

Well… I’ve rethought the strategies of VGE, and have decided that the usage of RandomMovement is a problem. As such, I have completely removed it from the code.

VirtualGunExperiment 1.2.0

4 Responses to “VirtualGunExperiment 1.2”

  1. Unknown

    …you just HAD to test it against that robot, didn’t you?

  2. LOL deo.cloudbot..epic fail…author must be epic fail too
    such an unmanly name too….

  3. Yea thanks. Wow, who are you Juju? I dont know if you noticed, but I AM the author of that bot. lol. And also, Cloud Bot is ranked 87th in roborumble. The reason I named it CloudBot is that… never mind, long story. and yes, i am a guy.


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